Solidea Fashionable Travel Companions

Solidea Fashionable Travel Companions

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SOLIDEA has revolutionized the concept of elastic stockings, offering collections of graduated compression fashion stockings and tights that combine:

  • leg well-being and effectiveness in prevention of circulatory disorders

  • elegance, softness and a stylish and perfect fit of refined garments

  • refinement in a wide range of models, patterns and colors

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Sheer, elegant knee-high stockings, as smooth as silk, for modern women who combine dynamism and style. Graduated compression improves blood circulation and prevents the worsening of problems caused by venous insufficiency. Elastic, pleasant, comfortable stitching, soft anti-stress sole. Available in various classes of compression.

Unisex line of knee-high stockings with elegant graduated compression weave and antistress sole. Ideal for women who love casual styles and much appreciated by men who make them an indispensable accessory for both the most elegant and the most relaxed occasions. Available in a wide range of colors. The special form-fitting shape favors venous reflux to keep legs rested from morning till night. Available in various classes of compression.

Miss Relax Micro-Rete 70
70 denier micro net knee-high stocking. 12/15 mmHg graduated compression exerts a preventive action and favours venous reflux for legs that are always rested and in shape for all occasions. Ideal for a dynamic look and refined and original at the same time. The embroidered elastic band enhances the elegance and offers pleasing support without tightening. Sanitized® hygiene function for all-day freshness.